In March of 2008 TFS opened the first Medical Residential home in Murfreesboro which allowed TFS to successfully serve individual’s with MR and severe and chronic medical needs. The population that the Medical Residential home serves requires the presence of qualified nursing staff continuously.
Tennessee Family Solutions Medical Residential program is a duplex style house that is home to two individuals per side. Each individual has their own personal bedroom that is modified to accommodate their personality as well as their medical needs. The home has been thoroughly modified to accommodate all needs which include widen hallways, an open floor plan, walk in showers, and a personal van to allow access to the community on a daily basis. The Medical Residential model provides a safe place environment where individuals have choice and control of their own lives, effective learning opportunities, effective communication, positive relationships and a high level of participation.
TFS has employed energetic, responsible, conscientious LPNs who provide on-site supervision 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Additional staff work in the home to assist the LPNs to ensure proper care and supervision is provided on a daily basis. The Director of Nursing is an RN and provides additional oversight. The Director of Nursing manages the operations of the home and ensures that the elements of the Teaching Family Model remain in the home. A Behavior Analyst is part of the Medical Residential team and provides assistance to the Med Res Individual’s that also require behavioral services.
TFS has developed an innovative technique to serve a population that would otherwise require a nursing home. TFS uses a custom Client Care System called Practical Health System (PHS) with the following characteristics:

– Network connectivity between all service sites as well as offices
– Centralized and simplified terminal access allowing for immediate data entry and retrieval functionality
– Accountability without intrusiveness through consolidation of workflow and requirement reports
– Quality Assurance and accessibility of relevant client caseload data
– Uniformity of reporting to facilitate 3rd party oversight by licensing or certification bodies