Job: QIDP – TFM Consultant

Title: QIDP – TFM Consultant
Reports To: Executive Director or designee
FSLA: Salary/Exempt
Job Information:


To provide current and ongoing consultation delivery services and input to the Family Teaching Couples/Family Teachers within the Teaching Family Model to individuals with severe Developmental Disabilities to help maintain and ensure certification within the Teaching Family Association (TFA).

1) Observes the Family Teaching Couples and all services and activities occurring in the FTC’s home as it relates to the process of consulting and preparing for certification within the TFM system.
2) Interfaces/network with families (at least quarterly) or other members of the individual’s support team during COS and ISP meetings as well as within the homes and implements the agency Supervision Plan and/or other plans as it pertains to the homes. This includes monthly announced (scheduled) and unannounced visits.
3) Responsible for reviewing consultation data as well as consultation feedback monthly.
4) Review outcome tracking and monitor outcomes to ensure staff instructions are complete for caseload. Assist TFM AD with other homes as needed.
5) Tracks consultation visits.
6) Schedule / track all evaluations.
7) Review completed evaluations for grammar and conceptual feedback.
8) Send evaluations to Family Teachers upon completion.
9) Identify when workshops/trainings are needed based off feedback received.
10) Communicate with consultants about trends identified and problems in the family teaching homes.
11) Schedule on going trainings and workshops for staff.
12) Communicate to HR when surveys are needed to be sent out for feedback and to whom those need to be sent.
13) Collects, analyzes and submits evaluation completion and consultant percentages annually.
14) Help to facilitate HUB meetings and monitor side talking.
15) Participate in monthly Program Review meetings; analyze program review data to identify supports needed.
16) Implement and oversee all ICF QIDP requirements.
17) Possess an understanding of the Supported Living systems/programs.
18) Ensure implementation of the Model is ongoing with all staff at Tennessee Family Solutions.
19) Perform Family Teacher interviews with Human Resources.
20) Assist with annual training meeting to discuss progress/feedback.
21) Provide consultation for assigned caseload.
22) Analyze and write report /action plan for Family Teacher consumer surveys.
23) Assist in creating strategy goals for the Department annually.
24) Communicate any missed appointments with the Staffing Coordinators and Director of Programs when necessary.
25) Attends Incident Management Committee meeting weekly.
26) Conducts internal investigations for the ICF program and assists with other internal investigations.
27) Oversee the Evaluation Review Committee meeting process (quarterly and as needed) and ensure current policies and  minutes.
28) Accountable for compliance with various federal and state regulations, TFS’ adaptation of the Teaching Family Model, and various TFS policies/procedures.
29) Attends administrative meetings as required.
30) Assists with the development of new consultants, evaluators and trainers for TFM.
31) Assists with Tennessee Family Solution’s Teaching Family Association Triennial Certification process.
32) Behavior exhibits professional attitude, demeanor, and interpersonal skills required by position and company at all times.
33) Other duty as assigned as this specific position evolves.

Position: QIDP – TFM Consultant
Position Qualifications:

 Must have, at minimum, a Bachelor’s college completed with an emphasis in Psychology and/or Behavioral Sciences desired.
 Minimum of one-two years of prior experience in a position of similar scope.
 The ability to effectively communicate through verbal and written outlets with professionalism and dignity. May include the use of assisting devices to compensate as needed.
 The ability to observe, ask questions, listen actively and give and accept feedback effectively.
 Knowledge of computers, specifically Microsoft Word applications.
 Flexibility in assigned working hours and duties.
 Knowledge of the Teaching Family Model components, techniques, and language.
 Time management and follow-up skills are essential with the ability to plan, organize and prioritize a large workload and  the possibility of handling several tasks simultaneously.
 Ability to work autonomously.
 A high energy level, adaptability, assertiveness, patience and ability to work in a team environment.
 Able to manage conflict and provide solutions to resolve conflicts.
 Operation of a motor vehicle is required which includes a current, valid Tennessee driver’s license and applicable automobile insurance. Must also be at least twenty-one (21) years of age.

Physical Demands:

 Frequent standing, lifting, bending, kneeling, stooping, reaching, blocking, grabbing.
 Ability to lift at least one-fourth of own body weight unassisted.
 Ability to perform unassisted transfers of disabled adults with adaptive equipment (gait/lift belts, Hoyer lifts, etc.).

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